Alberto Gonzalez Gimenez (Sabadell, 1990)

Alberto is the photographer behind the name of Llop Àrtic, a world full of nature and magic images shown throughout his photography.

In love with nature, he usually spends hours, days or even weeks wandering natural landscapes, spending nights awake to get the best shots of a nocturne sky, waiting for whatever time is needed to take the photo of wild fauna, storms, natural phenomenons and always looking for the best light.

Since he was very young, he had the chance to travel abroad because of his family, always with a camera in his hands. Every place he visited caught his eye. As a teenager, he passed from the analogic camera to the digital and started focusing on nature, adventure and meteorology. At the age of 19, he got his first reflex camera and since then he has been doing several specialized courses of photography and adventure trips for photographers.
As years went by, his hobby of taking photographs of nature in extreme situations or in magic circumstances has become his profession.

Currently, he is working on several photography projects as well as in audiovisuals and timelapses.

With all his passion, he set up Llop Àrtic (Arctic Wolf), his new business which without doubt will reach the heights of the mountains and adventures introducing us to new horizons, new experiences and breathtaking pictures to match.